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I was born in Mexico City in 1959. I grew up as a child that spent hours looking at the world around me, wishing to retain everything that I was seeing an imagining. So, I began to paint, in an effort to create imaginary landscapes.

It wasn't until many years later, in my college years that I discovered photography. I went to Universidad Iberoamericana where I earned a degree in Graphic Design in 1982.
Even though I fell in love with photography , many years went by – in which I dedicated my energy raising a family - until I discovered, thanks to extraordinary teachers such as Saúl Serrano and Laura Cohen among others, photography as an art form, and that rules and limits were as many or few as I imposed to myself.

This is how I began a personal journey, trying to make sense of the past, my own past, through photography.

My work is purely black and white photography, toned and manipulated in the darkroom in such a way that there are no two images exactly alike.

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